Frequently Asked Questions

If we missed a question, please contact us at any time.

Here are our most popular questions asked by our Members and potential members

If you have any questions that you do not see listed here, please feel free to contact us by any means necessary. There are no stupid questions, so please feel free to ask us anything.

Do you have to be a member of the club to play?

Yes. We are a private members-only poker club. In order to protect our private club status, you must sign up to be a member in order to play or gain access to the club. But don’t worry, signing up is easy and painless. Just come by the club to get signed up or fill out our membership form online by clicking the Membership button anywhere on the website.

What does it cost to become a member?

There are no monthly charges, contracts or hidden fees when you sign up to be a member. There is a $10 one time initiation fee, and then you pay a $10 daily membership anytime you access the club. If you don’t come in to play there are no fees or costs to rejoin.

What is included in my daily membership?

Your daily membership includes access to the club. This means you get free drinks and snacks, you can play gin, chess, and board games for free.  You also get free access to our pinball machines, pool tables & arcade games.  You can come and hang out, do a little work or catch a game on one of our 11 big screen TV’s.  You can also play in any of our Freeroll poker tournaments with just a daily membership charge.

What is a GTD or Guaranteed prize pool mean?

A guaranteed prize pool tournament means that Paramount Social is going to guarantee the minimum amount of money that our members are going to play for.  For example, the $20 Early Bird Poker Tournament has a $1,000 guaranteed prize pool.  The minimum amount of money paid out in the Early Bird is $1,000.  Which means if there is only 12 players and $600 in the prize pool, Paramount Social will add $400 to the prize pool to cover the $1,000 guarantee.  This is called an overlay.

There must be a minimum of 7 entrants in any tournament with a guarantee within 30mins of the start time of said event for the tournament to start.  If there are not at least 7 entrants within 30mins of the start time the tournament will be canceled. Any questions please feel free to contact Paramount Social or reach David directly at 

What is a tournament access fee?

Any poker tournament besides a Freeroll or Early Bird tournament will have a tournament access fee.  This is a one time fee to play in one of our premier poker tournaments.  For example, the $40 Deepstack Tournament is broken down to a $30 Entry Fee (added to the prize pool) and a $10 tournament access fee.  All re-buys go directly into the prize pool.  The Tournament Access fee is a one time fee paid when you first buy into a tournament. 

Is there a fee to play in a cash game?

Yes.  All cash game players pay a $5 a half-hour cash game access fee.  All players in the cash game must pay the cash game access fee.  We do run specials every week if you buy cash game time in bulk. Cash game time purchased is good for one year from the time of purchase. This means, if you buy 2 hours’ worth of time but can only play for one hour, you may use that remaining time the next time you come in to play.

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