Weekly Tournaments

Paramount Social hosts poker tournaments every Day of the week.
Please check our promotions page for special upcoming events and changes to our regular schedule.

Play on our featured TV poker table

We are working on our featured TV poker table to bring Houston Poker players final tables and cash games LIVE from Paramount Social Club.

Stay tuned to see how you can become a part of our live streamed poker games.  We are always posting to social media and text messge blasts about when the next live streamed game will be.  Be sure to check out our YouTube page to see our latest videos. 

We Cater to You

BYOB with Storage Lockers

Paramount Social Club does not offer or sell alcoholic beverages. However, we allow our members to BYOB. 

Free Soft Drinks & Snacks

Soda, Water, Coffee, Red Bull, Candy, Chips and Snacks are all FREE for our members. We will also have food catered in on special occasions.

Variety of Games Available

From poker tournaments and cash games, to chess tournaments and spades leagues.  Gin, Board Games or Pinball... whatever your game, we have a spot for you. 

Don't Miss a Game