Ken’s ROE 🎯 Meet Up Game:
6pm Friday 12/2/22
$1-$2-$5 ROE
$300 – $2K/Table Captian
Call 281-974-4713 to reserve a seat or Join the wait list on Poker Atlas.

Who is Ken?  
Ken is one of the owners of Paramount Social Club and the host of the Overlay a poker podcast. He is a solid PLO tournament player (not sure how that translates to a cash game) and a mediocre at best No Limit Holdem player. In Chicago, he is known as the King of Flips… which is what Midwesterners call sweats. Love him or hate him he is great action, and always fun in a poker game.

Here is a link to the last Meet Up Game episode recap and an amazing Run Good story from the King of Flips himself on The Overlay:
Episode 60: a Trip to Texas
Episode 67: The King of Flips ~ Run Good Stories
Check out The Overlay a poker podcast at