Paramount Social has two different tournament structures that we use. The big blind ante structure is our default tournament structure used.  Unless otherwise noted, all tournaments (including our weekly poker tournaments) will use the BIG BLIND ANTE structure sheet. The BIG BLIND ANTE structure is used for our FREEROLL tournaments, but registration ends after level 5 (rather than level 8 in all other tournaments).  As always if you have questions about our tournament structures, please hit the contact us link at the bottom of this page, or feel free to email me directly at


  1. Payout structure based on number of tables: one spot per table opened plus one will be paid out
  2. Paramount Social Club reserves the right to change or cancel any tournaments
  3. Paramount Social Club will use the Tournament Directors Association rules for all multi-table tournaments.  You can see a complete list of rules at

Big Blind Ante Tournament Rules:
The BIG BLIND ANTE will be posted before the BIG BLIND. 
Final Tables down to 5 players will post the amount of the Small Blind as the ante instead of a full big blind ante.

Please click here for Multi-Table Tournament Structure sheets.