Paramount Poker and Social Club is rolling out new tournaments as of February 1st, 2019.  We have totally revamped all of our poker tournaments, the times, the buy-ins and most importantly the guarantees.  You can still expect the player friendly tournament structures that you have already experienced, but now with a price point that everyone can enjoy and the guaranteed prize pools that every poker player in Northwest Houston wants.  

You can check out our new tournament schedule by going to 

What’s new? 
Almost every tournament now comes with a guaranteed minimum prize pool.  As long as the tournament gets off the ground (we need 7 totals players before any tournament can start and we must be within 30 mins of the scheduled start time) the minimum prize pool is guaranteed.  This means that as long as there is seven players in any guaranteed tournament then the guarantee will be met. Any overlay or shortage in the prize pool from the buy-ins to the guarantee at that point will be covered by Paramount Social. 

What is a guaranteed prize pool?
This is a minimum amount that Paramount Poker and Social Club is going to guarantee for the prize pool.  Meaning in the $20 Early Bird (2pm every day we are open) if there was only 15 players and the total prize pool ended up being $600… Paramount Social will add $400 to the prize pool to cover the guarantee! Just a heads up, you may see guaranteed abbreviated as GNTD in some of our advertising. 

Lower buy-in poker tournaments geared towards the everyday man or woman: 
We believe that poker players come in all shapes and sizes.  Not every poker players bankroll can afford $500 tournaments with $30,000 guarantees every week.  I mean we would all like to play in those tournaments every day, but we at Paramount Social Club believe that the average joes are looking for affordable poker tournaments to play in on a regular basis.  We offer poker tournaments in the $20 to $50 range, and and our weekly deepstacks are $40 and $150 buy-ins.  For our larger players, we do have the weekly $330 GOLDSTRIKE for our “Whales” that will be on our featured TV table. 

Special Events and Houston’s own Poker Series: 
For our players that are looking for the big guarantees and the special poker events, Paramount Poker & Social Club will offer STACK Tournaments, Big Bounty Tournaments, MIxed games tournaments, and our very own Houston Series of Poker (the HSOP) coming for the first time in April of 2019.  

Our members satisfaction is our number 1 priority: 
At Paramount Poker & Social Club want to give the poker players of Northwest Houston a place to play poker where they are not going to break their budget.  However, we are going to give all our members incredible value, unparalleled customer service, and a poker club that they can be proud to be a part of.