Paramount Poker and Social Club are rolling out new tournaments as of September 20th, 2019.  While we are not making changes to any of our best tournaments like the Early Bird Tournament (every Thursday through Sunday), we are adding Wednesday nights starting in October, we are changing up the Thursday night tournament and adding the Saturday night deepstack.  We are also launching Paramount Poker TV, our RFID featured table inspired live streamed poker games from our members-only club right here in Houston.  Be sure to check out our newest video’s on YouTube and Facebook, and watch social media the text message list to see when you can sign up for the next live-streamed cash game/tournament.

You can check out our new tournament schedule by going to 

What tournaments have changed or been added?
Thursday Night $40 Special with $1.5K GNTD at 7pm:
$40 buy-in ($30+$10 tournament access fee) with three options for your add on. Before the start of the tournament, you can either buy a $5, $10 or $15 add on for an additional 5K, 10K or 20K in starting chips.  The bigger the add on the more chips you start with.  

Saturday $40 Deepstack with $2K GNTD at 7pm: 
The Friday deepstack was such a success that we are doing the same tournament on Saturday nights as well.  Now you can play the Friday Deepstack on Saturday, but we can’t call our Saturday night tournament the Friday deepstack,  so we are changing the name to just “The $40 Deepstack”.  Same structure as the original Friday Deepstack, but now offered twice a week.  

Wednesdays starting in October: 
We are now going to be open on Wednesday nights from 6pm to 2am.  The Paramount week now begins on 7pm Wednesday night with the $500 FREEROLL.  Humpday never looked this good.  We will also promote and push high stakes cash games and mixed games to play on Wednesday nights.  These will be the first games to be featured on Paramount Poker TV. 

The “STACK” Tournament coming November 2nd: 
The first Saturday of November will feature our first “STACK” tournament, 60K in starting chips, 20 min levels, freezeout structure, and a $5,000 guarantee for only a $120 buy-in. The “STACK” will be the crowning jewel of all Paramount Social Poker Tournaments!. 

What is a guaranteed prize pool and how does it work?
This is a minimum amount that Paramount Poker and Social Club is going to guarantee for the prize pool.  Meaning in the $20 Early Bird (2pm every day we are open) if there were only 15 players and the total prize pool ended up being $600… Paramount Social will add $400 to the prize pool to cover the guarantee! Just a heads up, you may see guaranteed abbreviated as GNTD in some of our advertising.

Lower buy-in poker tournaments geared towards the everyday man or woman: 
We believe that poker players come in all shapes and sizes.  Not every poker players bankroll can afford $500 tournaments with $30,000 guarantees every week.  I mean we would all like to play in those tournaments every day, but we at Paramount Social Club believe that the average joes are looking for affordable poker tournaments to play in on a regular basis.  We offer low stakes and affordable poker tournaments, that cater to Houston’s every poker player.  The Deepstack tournaments start at $40 and we have a tournament for every budget and buy-in.  For our larger players, we do have the weekly $330 GOLDSTRIKE for our “Whales” that will be on our featured TV table.

Special Events and Houston’s own Poker Series: 
For our players that are looking for the big guarantees and the special poker events, Paramount Poker & Social Club will offer The STACK Tournament, Big Bounty Tournaments, MIxed games tournaments, and our very own Houston Series of Poker (the HSOP).

Our member’s satisfaction is our number 1 priority: 
At Paramount Poker & Social Club want to give the poker players of Northwest Houston a place to play poker where they are not going to break their budget.  However, we are going to give all our members incredible value, unparalleled customer service, and a poker club that they can be proud to be a part of.