Earn bonus chips just for showing up on-time.

The following tournaments will have an on-time registration bonus:
5,000 CHIP BONUS for the $20 Early Bird Tournament (offered every Thursday – Sunday at 2pm)
5,000 CHIP BONUS for the $60 BOUNTY Tournament (offered every Friday at 7pm)
10,000 CHIP BONUS for the $120 STACK Tournament (0ffered the first Saturday of every month at 2pm)

To qualify for the ON-TIME BONUS:
Players must register before the scheduled start time of the tournament in order to receive the bonus chips.  Players must register in person. Players cannot start with more than maximum starting chips. Players may either purchase the bonus chips as a double add-on.  This way all players are able to start the tournament with the maximum number of starting chips.  

What if I miss out on the ON-TIME BONUS:
Players who register after the start of the tournament will not qualify for the on-time bonus.  However, you can always buy the bonus. In the early bird and the bounty tournament, you can buy the on-time bonus for $5. In the STACK Tournament, you can purchase the 10k bonus after 2pm for only $10.