The $50 Titan is a multi day tournament with several flights available over three days to create a large prize pool ($10,000 guaranteed) with a low buy in. You must play in one of the flights and finish in the top 10% of the field in order to advance to Day 2. There is no direct buy-in to Day 2. We will play down until there is 10% of the field left, and then only those players will come back for day 2.

Players can play in any of the Flights offered four times a day on Thursday 1/17/19 through Saturday 1/20/19. Only the top 10% of each flight will advance to day two 12pm Sunday 1/21/19. ALL PLAYERS who advance to Day 2 will be in the money, and will advance with their chip stack accumulated in their flight.

The $50 TITAN Details:
Buy in: $40+$10 Seat Rental
Starting Stack: 6,000
Optional Add on: $5 for a bonus 2,000 in chips
Blind Levels: 1-5 are 15min, 6-10 are 20min, 11+ are 25min
Day 2 Blind Levels: 30min long (all players will restart at level 11)

Tournament Schedule:
Day 1A Thursday January 17th:
Flight 1: 12pm
Flight 2: 3pm
Flight 3: 6pm
Flight 4: 9pm

Day 1B Friday January 18th:
Flight 5: 12pm
Flight 6: 3pm
Flight 7: 6pm
Flight 8: 9pm

Day 1C Saturday January 19th:
Flight 9: 12pm
Flight 10: 3pm
Flight 11: 6pm
Flight 12: 9pm

Day 2 Sunday January 20th:
Final Day 2 re-start: 12pm

All players who advance to Day 2 will be in the money.
All players will advance with their Day 1 chip stacks.
Blinds will increase to 30 min levels on Day 2.
Day 2 will restart at level 11
$10,000 guaranteed minimum prize pool

***Players who advance to Day 2 more than once will combine chip stacks on Day 2 and will min cash for seat they are giving up***